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We Unique Power Solutions are the OEM distributors & suppliers of Unique Power Solutions brand of uninterrupted power supply systems with the latest Power Inversion Technique practiced across the world with almost a decade of exclusive experience in the UPS industry. We are supplier & distributor of Online UPS, Industrial UPS, UPS Power Systems and UPS Batteries . We are also offering UPS Maintenance Service in Bihar & Jharkhand in India. Moreover we are also engaged in Sales and services for online UPS system, online UPS AMC and online UPS repairing service.

We have successfully installed a large number of online ups systems with medium to large computer installations, digital printing machines, photo processing labs, medical equipment, educational institutions, telecom, scanners, color photocopiers, ATMs, VSAT, airlines booking, PLC Industry and many more all over India.

We are sure you will trust our skills both in terms of technology and support and place your confidence in us to bundle our products for protection of your critical equipment. In last ten year, as online UPS company, Unique Power Solutions has proven its mettle by increasing the customer base many folds with assured quality and honest prices. Our product reliability is our best advertising medium. Our customers include various corporate houses, government and institutional bodies like Central Bank of India, State bank of India, Super Auto India Ltd, K.K. Agencies, Adroit Financial Services (P) Ltd., SDL Auto Components Ltd., Ministry of Explosives and Fiem Industries Ltd., these are few of well satisfied prestigious Unique Power Solutions customers.

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